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A day in Sciacca

A guide to the unmissable attractions in Sciacca

Within a day, you’ll have realised that Sciacca is an open and friendly town with a wealth of beautiful architecture and, most noticeably, some incredible landscapes. The spectacular view which presents itself from the central piazza, encompassing the full expanse of the town’s port, is just one example.

Despite being spread across several levels on the hillside, Sciacca is easily explored on foot, and offers the visitor tantalising glimpses of its Mediterranean setting, alongside golden beaches and a host of delicious local delicacies. However, if you only have one day to spend here, here is the list of things not to miss.

9am – Breakfast

Forget the usual cappuccino and croissant. In Sicily, land of sun, sea and citrus, breakfast consists of granita (a shaved ice sorbet), which starts the day off with a touch of refreshing sweetness, essential for confronting the summer heat. Treat your tastebuds to a typical Sicilian brioche too; this soft, sweet bread roll is delicious on its own or dipped in your granita.

10am – Beach

The sea on Sicily’s south coast is quite cold, but don’t let that put you off – you won’t be able to resist the crystal clear, turquoise water. Sciacca’s winding coastline is around 20km long, and there’s a beach to suit every taste.

“One cannot be unhappy when one has this: the smell of the sea, sand beneath your fingers, the air, the wind.”
(Irene Némirovsky)

Our advice is to try out the golden beaches at San Marco, about 9km from the town centre. The beach is also popular with loggerhead turtles, who come to lay their eggs in the sand.

1pm – Lunch

For lunch, it’s best to go back into the town centre and stop off for a quick, tasty bite. A salad or a brioche filled with ice cream and fruit is the ideal meal to give you energy for the rest of the afternoon.

5pm – Culture

Sciacca boasts a huge range of churches and old palaces, and you’ll definitely need more than a day to see them all. If you have to choose, make sure you don’t miss the Chiesa di Santa Margherita, an impressive example of baroque architecture, as well as the Palazzo Steripinto, one of the older and more exceptional palaces.

7pm – Shopping

From clothes shops to delis selling traditional delicacies, every type of shop can be found in Sciacca’s town centre. It’s worth bearing in mind that Sciacca is a land of artists, so if you want to find an interesting alternative to your typical souvenir, take a look at the ceramics and coral on offer. Every artist has his or her own style and speciality, meaning every piece is truly unique.

9pm – Dinner

The dish of the day? Fish. Savour the mouthwatering pesce azzurro (“blue fish”, which refers to a number of local fish such as sardines and anchovies, all of which have distinctive blue markings) and shellfish served up at every table in Sciacca’s local restaurants. From platters of mixed fried fish to seafood salad, from seasoned and stuffed rolls of spatola, a local white fish, to grilled fish and sardine meatballs – the list goes on and on!

10.30pm – After dinner

End the evening with a stroll along via Roma, a perfect street for a nighttime stroll. Listen to live music, sip on a cocktail, and relax.

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